by Scab Party

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released November 11, 2011

Written and Produced by Awol One



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Brain Vein Music Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: don't sweat it though
When is the top ten
Raining cold hard facts
The eyes watching you from the attic
yeah They are the same tiny tiny eyes
that'll strangle you in your sleep
The sanbox comes with responsibilities
Silver pancakes and dollar waffles
made a bacon bacon bacon
I can see you like a mutha in a hurracane
Dip myself in gravy and give me a biscuit hat
Consider this from a reliable source
however you act

don't sweat it though just let it go

You dont know what its like till you have passionate haters
Im a cosmic awesome
what are we into a phony tradition
with Your false teeth jello shots dont mean shit
This rap times infinity.
Pretty dope is an option beauty is fact
Deep isnt even low enough
The internet made me loose faith in hip hop
A monster aint shit if you don't beleive in it
a demon ain't shit if you don't believe in it
The mystery is lost and you aint rod searling
Your r l stien and you aint deserving
Americas biggest killer pleage is stubborness and ignorance
Giving up is harder than perservierance
Giving it to you with no sample clearance
Underneath the radar over the boarder
Here is a suicide note
The nobel rebel violence prize
Head for the west its halfway over
Nothing can tempt me
so tough and brilliant
just Dont dont bother me
my occupation is occupation
left well here we go now
till tomorrow

don't sweat it though just let it go
Track Name: thousand dead hipsters
Singing songs on road trips
Drinking strong coffee in sips
Talking about the creative projects we got going on
Too cool to admit your cool
Too smart to admit there dumb
A relaxed mind is a creative mind
Resurect the moonlight
the smell of blood is calming
What goes up it must cum
Welcome to my strangling brothers circus
straight from my beak
Learn by living
Educate your mutha fuckin self

1000 dead hipsters
laying in a unique pile

Its never gonna be enough
Your gonna have to satisfy yourself
just to young to realize you never apologized
If i told you i would
i would never die then would you beleive me
would you beleive me would you beleive me
Playing catch with rich peoples skulls
Want a real high inhale some pepper spray

1000 dead hipsters
laying in a unique pile

Jewelry is so stupid i dont even own a diamond
Most women love money show her you got some
its like a machine gun
Tomorrow holds a knife
Whats your goal
to stick out your dick in some brainless chick
So she can soak up your money real quick
My goal is build with my wife i just want
to do something great
just want to have a positive life
i just want to create

1000 dead hipsters
laying in a unique pile
Track Name: welcome to the battlefield
welcome to the battlefield

thought sorrow and the sadness were perfection
Listen to a song let it tell you a story
Let it remind you of a good time or sometimes
it'll bring up old feelings
Songs are powerfull yeah the songs can hurt
Songs can make you go berzerk
listen to this song on your way to work
Theres an escalater that goes all the way up
see you later see you again some other time
Drink no evil Don't drink and drive smoke and fly
Hey faggot wipe your dress off
Your just arogant your stlye and your breasts soft
The world is rap and full of egos and carbon copies
wherever we go
Full of hot air ill make you nervous and shake
Fuck jockin other rappers there abunch of bullshit
Yellin like a preacher on a pulpit
I wonder how i still got here i wonder why your not here
Young opinions they don't impress me
You got a speeding ticket on the boulivard of broken dreams
to e a z e information stage
mutha fucka its a battle field

welcome to the battlefield