Paid Homage v1 - 2 Mex, Gel Roc , Awol One

by 2 Mex, Gel Roc, Awol One

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Produced by Tony M. aka Awol One. This is the first song in a series of free singles called Paid Homage.



pay homage to the hummus type vomit
low tide for the varmints and the grommets
walrus dogs tried to rape me in the wood shed
horror movie first night alone blood shed
when i met her i flintsone type clubbed it
hit her over the head with dead thoughts and she loved it
told her i was a movie star and a failed blog
a victim of uv rays with tall tales like a whale frog
bogged down by the gravity in the bind me
thought matching with my teeth didn't match my cavities
i wear white with tan blood stained swatches
use my peripheral to sense who watches
catch my new show on comedy central
the one where i shoot myself in the mental
japanese box bento snack times starvin'
woodbox carving of a beat box glock box
safe crack code blue ray charles in charge
of our days and our dark nights

awol one
heres the latest fregrance calvin clone
another sold out rapper tour another rapper owned
objects there in the mirror
and yeah there a lot less attractive than they appear
being poor is kinda fun
it don't cost shit to go and hug someone
and all the rich people put on your monocles
and the stoners your blazen' your chronicles
the saddest day of your mutha fuckin life
still cant cry still cant hold a knife
well im perfectly flawed and making your head nod
when the thing that you love becomes your enemy
vampires blowing smoke rings
farm the humans for the blood supply
yeah you suck the veins
till the mutha fucka runs dry

gel roc
original gel roc never paid homage
mutha fucka you know that i paid homage
never afraid on it when i slayed on it
even sprinkled a little bit of pain on it
yeah i prayed on it
while a mutha fucka slept
and laid on it
waking up hella late and delayed on it
when tune em in with the fade
and we get the fade on it
in the mix never play no tricks
as the elements stayed on it
philosophies till the end homogenize
with the vibe and the blend
cross eyed with the mutha fuckin signals that i send
don't pretend underground transcend massmen
loyal to the path and i payed homage
i stay honest never stray on it
to fresh to decay on it
word is bond l-s-d-k on it
all across the planet we kill it and bomb it
we seeded and plotted maybe change it or audit
you heard that it happened you know that we thought it
plenty on the mind times and the rhymes a lotted
so if you catch it you caught it thats the bottom line dot it
if you get it you got it so you shoot it we shot it
we shit it fully committed we did it all up in it
no limits and gimmicks kill it without an image
do it to the finish
alright i'm finished

awol one
i am so much better than me
only believe what you can see
only god knows what you've been through
ive got drunk with profits and fools
got high with scholars and celebrities
i lost respect for heros is what i mean
pms is post mortal syndrome
you bearly got here mutha fucka we've been home
go to corporate and cc the bcc
wing-man squish a little mystery
beat salad thats my new name
remember the rules if your playin' a new game
had my share of bar fights
hip hop bus tours cars and flights
you were raised in the woods
this is city music i was raised in the hood
then save the world
and we'll be right back for lunch
paid homage


released June 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Brain Vein Music Los Angeles, California

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